David Sears: “Auto GP is a winning package”

Super Nova International is still at the top of the game in the 2013 Auto GP. The team, owned by David Sears and by his son John, has mathematically clinched the teams' title for the second time thanks to an exciting second part of the season. From Budapest, where Vittorio Ghirelli handed them the first pole and win of the season, they started at the top of the pack four more times with Narain Karthikeyan, and the victory toll went up to six. David Sears stopped by to share thoughts over this accomplishment.

"We will only be satisfied by winning the drivers' championship too. At the moment we have the 50% of chances because Vittorio Ghirelli is leading and Narain Karthikeyan is still mathematically in the game. We will line-up at Brno ready to enable our drivers to fight and win”.

How will you manage the battle between them?
"In our history, our drivers have always been free to battle with each other without team orders. Vittorio and Narain are very clever guys and there is mutual respect. In fact, they provide each other with some good motivations. Karthikeyan is experienced and knows how to fight with the young racers, while Ghirelli has matured as a driver over this course of this season, having to overcome a number of issue as a team to reach our common goal this year".

How do you judge Auto GP compared to the rest of the motorsports panorama?
"Enzo Coloni created a winning package. After our exit from GP2 we decided to focus our efforts on Auto GP because it's a professional, competitive and high-level series. The organization actually listens to the teams and drivers, helping out and providing us with the maximum support. Not everybody does it. In addition to that, the budget is on our side. There are championships that require at least one million euros, which is inopportune with the current economic situation. In Auto GP, we can provide two drivers with a correct growth experience with less than half of the budget required for the GP2 Series".

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