Narain Karthikeyan: “Auto GP is a great championship”

Narain Karthikeyan won his first Auto GP race in the last round at Silverstone, the home race for Super Nova International. Narain is for sure one of the most interesting stars of 2013 Auto GP, being a former Formula 1 driver and an important professional of motorsport.

Why did you decide to race in Auto GP this season?
“I wanted to continue racing in a powerful and extremely competitive single-seater championship and thus Auto GP was a logical choice in this context”.

You finally scored your first Auto GP win. How did it feel like?
“It was a great feeling, and it allowed me to showcase that I still have the speed to compete with the young guys. It wasn’t easy as we have come close before but this time we nailed it and hopefully we’ll now be able to consistently challenge at the front of the grid in the coming rounds as well”.

How do you feel with Super Nova International team?
“We have a very good understanding already and we were working seamlessly together right from the get-go as we topped our ever session at Silverstone and went on to win. Obviously I have known John and the guys for a while now, but it is not just about the car or the setup – Super Nova is really a top-notch race team all-around ever since I’ve known them”.

What do you think about Auto GP car?
“Its a great package I think. I know the car well from my A1GP days and it is a good combination of power, downforce and most importantly extremely good reliability which keeps the costs down. Once the setup is sorted, it is a thoroughly enjoyable car to drive on the limit”.

What’s your impression about Auto GP organisation so far?
“I think the organisation is very efficient and professional, which is what any world-class racing series should be like. The choice of venues on the calendar is great as well and so far I have enjoyed all that the series has had to offer and I’m eagerly looking forward to the rest of the season”.

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