Dörrbecker in Auto GP with Torino Squadra Corse

Luis Michael Dörrbecker (23 years old) will participate in 2016 edition of the Auto GP Formula Open. The Mexican driver, who lives in Germany, has agreed with the Torino Squadra Corse team and will be at the start of the season which will start in Monza on May 22 with an Auto GP car. The series is managed by Enzo Coloni open this year in all the cars with engine from 2000 on. Dörrbecker started in karts in 2003, winning in 2005 and 2006, the ICA Superkarts Cup Mexico. Then Michael arrived in Europe in 2010, running for 2 years in the Italian F. Renault. In 2012 he competed in the Formula Renault Alps, while in 2013 with Torino Squadra Corse he finished seventh in F.Abarth Italy. In 2014, for Mexico team, raced in F. Acceleration 1. The team of Marco Braghero expects to shortly announce a second driver in Auto GP.

Torino Squadra Corse: "We are very pleased to formalize an agreement with the Mexican driver Miki very fast and prepared that we know well because he had already competed with us in 2013. We believed from the start to the new Coloni’s project and we began the preparation at the end of 2015. The excellent value for money, the high-level technical package and the schedule make it a very interesting championship for different types of drivers. The project is to be at the start of the championship with also a second car".

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