Auto GP Formula Open 2016: All the single-seater cars on track in Italy from 2 to 4 liters

Auto GP is renewed and adapted to the needs of the market, giving life to the edition 2016 of '' Auto GP Formula Open ". The series organized by Enzo Coloni confirmed in track its powerful single-seater Lola chassis-based and driven by a V8 engine from 550 hp, organizing a league in Italy articulated in 6 events with double race. But it widens the possibility of participation in all the single-seater cars from 2 to 4 liters, in practice from F3 to F1, also including GP2, World Series, F.3000, GP3 and Formula Masters. With this initiative the promoters intend to pursue two goals: to integrate the grids for Auto GP, which fell in the last period, and allow a large number of owners of powerful cars do not hold them in the garage, but to use them on track to extremely low costs. Obviously, given the different types of cars on the track, in addition to the general classification will be drawn even different rankings for the class. All races will be in Italian and will be shortly announced calendar 2016.

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