Top Driver Italia: with only €.63,50 try to become the champion of tomorrow

A minimum investment: only €.63.50. An exclusive chance: one test on track driving a Formula 3 car. A certainty: a test with a sophisticated driving simulator at the Coloni Motorsport, ex team of Formula 1, in Passignano sul Trasimeno (Perugia-Italy). This in short is the initiative devised by Enzo and Paolo Coloni... read more


Also in 2018 the Boss GP championship will see the cars of the Auto GP at the start, prepared and assisted on track by Coloni Motorsport. The single-seaters with Lola chassis and a 550 hp Gibson Technology V8 engine will be staged on 6 prestigious European tracks: Hockenheim, Red Bull Ring, Monza, Assen, Brno and Paul... read more

FA1 x 2 seater: here is the new two-seater (330 km/h) made by Coloni Motorsport

Coloni Motorsport has a new exclusive two-seater car, called "FA1 x 2 seater". The car is derived from an A1 GP single seater, with a modified carbon chassis to allow a passenger to be placed behind the driver. The performance of the car is absolutely top. Thanks to a 550-hp of his Gibson Technology engine, it has a... read more

Boss GP: Raghunathan on Auto GP of Coloni Motorsport wins Formula Class 2017 in Imola

Happy end for the adventure of Coloni Mototorsport in the Boss GP Championship in Imola, seventh and final round of the season. On the Enzo and Dino Ferrari circuit, Indian driver Mahaveer Raghunathan, at the wheel of an Auto GP prepared and assisted by Enzo and Paolo Coloni's team, won the Formula Class 2017 edition.... read more

Boss GP Brno: Raghunathan (Coloni Motorsport) 3rd in race-1 and 3rd in the championship

On the Brno circuit on September 10, took place the sixth round of the Boss GP championship. Mahaveer Raghuthan, at the wheel of an Auto GP prepared by Coloni Motorsport (Formula Class), started the weekend with the second time in official qualifying. In the Czech Republic, the young Indian driver then climbed to the... read more

Raghunathan leader of the Boss GP (Formula class) with the Auto GP of Coloni Motorsport

Mahaver Raghunathan (PS Racing) with the Auto GP of Coloni Motorsport is the new leader of the Boss GP Championship, Formula class. On the Zolder track, the young Indian driver(3rd overall and best of the Formula class) won the race 1, placing 3rd in Race 2 (2nd in Formula class). Now the Indian driver controls the... read more

Carbon brakes on Auto GP cars

The Auto GP, a Lola single seater car with a 550 hp Gibson Technology engine, can now also mount Brembo's carbon brakes. There are obvious improvements, both in terms of weight reduction and braking efficiency. This modification will allow young drivers who want to have experience with carbon brake braking, with low... read more

Inaugurated the activity of “Scuola Piloti Coloni Motorsport”

"Scuola Piloti Coloni Motorsport" started its activity at the headquarters of Passignano sul Trasimeno (Perugia-Italy). The School, which sees in Enzo and Paolo Coloni its promoters, proposes personalized theoretical driving courses, with the possibility to use a sophisticated simulator. Courses are completed in the... read more

Boss GP: Raghunathan 3rd in France with Auto GP by Coloni Motorsport

Mahaveer Raghunathan's adventure continues in the Boss GP championship, which was held in France on June 11 on Paul Ricard circuit. The young Indian driver returned to the track at the wheel of an Auto GP car assisted by Coloni Motorsport. The 18-year-old driver has consistently occupied the third place in the Formula... read more

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